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“Dawn Of A Lifeless Age” split CD with Calliophis released 2024


Maunder Minimum (Urza)
Through Ages Of Colossal Embitterment (Urza)
Trepak (Calliophis)
Endure Your Depression (Calliophis)

“Cosmic Azur” LP (limited to 200 units) Meuse Music Records 03.05.2024
“Void Noir” LP (limited to 100 units) Meuse Music Records 03.05.2024
8-page digipak CD (limited to 500 units) Aesthetic Death 03.05.2024

The Omnipresence of Loss” released 2019:


1. Lost In Decline
2. A History Of Ghosts
3. Path Of Tombs
4. From The Vaults To Extermination
5. Demystifying The Blackness

15.03.2019 on CD Solitude Productions
11.10.2019 on Vinyl (500 copies 100 black / 400 dark blue) Vàn Records
05.05.2021 on tape (50 copies) Nailbat Tapes